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Photographs by Ivan Gonzalez

José believes in education and access to artistic quality as be fundamental pillars for social development. Coming from "El Sistema" in Venezuela, where he had full access to music education and performance opportunities, he has taken on the mission to ensure music learning of the highest quality is made accesible, considering also the holistic and personal development of each student. He has being engaged as a conductor, group leader, and teaching artist in different global innitiatives such as the Academy of Impact Through Music (AIM) and the International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC), where he participates in global discussions to contribute solutions for the improvement and enhacement of the arts education field, especially related to music.

José has had the chance to collaborate with different music education programs around the world such as Beirut Chants-El Sistema (Lebanon), Nucleo (UK), Dream Orchestra (Sweden), Orquesta Geração (Portugal), Acción por la música (Spain), El Sistema Cyprus, Liberamusica (Italy), Orchestras for All (UK), Saint Lucia School of Music, FOSJE (Ecuador), and he was, for five years, the artistic and music director of El Sistema Greece, a music education program for social action, where he worked for the development of the artistic planning, the academic structure, and the delivery of the educational program. As part of his work on advocacy for El Sistema Greece, José Ángel has conducted lectures on the topics of human rights, education, and music for social action in different institutions such as University of Berklee Valencia, University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Tata institute of social sciences Mumbai, and Forward College Lisbon.

In his native Venezuela, José served as Music Director for the Nueva Esparta Youth Symphony Orchestra from 2012 to 2016, working hard on community engagement, management, and artistic planning. He continues to collaborate with El Sistema in Venezuela, where he is regularly invited to conduct professional and youth orchestras.

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